Mini Medics® – First Aid for Children

Mini Medics® – P5 – P7

The course content has been designed for children aged 8 to 11. The Mini Medics® course is perfect for schools, after schools clubs and community youth groups. This course is a basic introduction to First Aid and Defibrillation.

Children will be awarded a Mini Medics® workbook, pen and certificate.

Flat Stan – P3 – P4

First Aid is a vital life skill for children of any age to learn and to understand how it can save a person’s life. Flat Stan allows children to interact, learn and have fun in a comfortable learning environment. Children are encouraged to take part in activities using the Flat Stan manikins. The Flat Stan manikins give children confidence to carry out CPR as the manikins are soft and user friendly (not scary like conventional manikins). This makes the workshops fun and exciting as the children love to have a go while learning very important lifesaving skills.

Children will be awarded a Flat Stan certificate, pen and sticker.



Pandamedic – Nursery, P1 – P2

Accompanied by an ambulance, our Coastal Core Pandamedic will deliver an animated cartoon and First Aid talk to the children. Children will be taught Basic First Aid techniques and practical yet simple advice on how to make a 999 call etc. Children will also be given the chance to have a look around our ambulance and see how it operates.

Children will be awarded a Pandamedic sticker.

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