Vicks Portable Waterless Diffuser

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Portable USB powered device, light and easy to carry when travelling.


Versatile use – perfect for the bedroom or office.


The soothing VapoPads vapours with essential oils are activated by heat for an easy breathing sensation.


Soft nightlight with an on/off feature.


2 Menthol scented VapoPads with essential oils included.

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Use Vicks Portable Waterless Diffuser to get an easy breathing sensation from diffusing the essential oils into the environment without using water. Benefits of the Diffuser:


Use VapoPads for extra comfort – the quantities of essential oils in each pad have been tested, so that you know you are using the right amount for you and your family. Each pad can release up to 8 hours of soothing vapors, allowing a full night of rest.


Water-less device allowing safe and convenient operation. Quick and silent – ideal for quiet, working or sleeping environments


Intuitive and easy to use – simply plug the USB cable. Compact design


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