Suresign Pregnancy Tests – 2 Tests

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High sensitivity for early detection of pregnancy

Detects 15mIU/mL of hCG in the urine

Over 99% accurate

Results in 3 minutes

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SURESIGN Pregnancy Early Test Strips 99% Accurate Results in 3 Minutes


This two-pack of pregnancy test is ideal for those who want to test for pregnancy as early as possible and be sure of their results. These pregnancy tests can be used up to 4 days before the first day of your missed period, growing more accurate as you get closer to the first day. You may wish to take a test 4 days before your missed period so you’ll know whether or not you’re probably pregnant, and then take the second test on the first day of your missed period to confirm the results with a higher level of accuracy.


Suresign Pregnancy Tests are dip pregnancy tests that are easy to use and can give you results after just 3 minutes. They’re perfect for those who don’t like using midstream pregnancy tests and are looking for an alternative that’s still accurate. This is a two-pack of Suresign test strips, which is ideal for those who like to test regularly or want to take more than one home test to confirm their results with as much accuracy as possible.


Suresign Pregnancy Test strips are 99% accurate when you take them on the first day of your missed period. These tests are highly sensitive and can give you extremely accurate results after just 3 minutes.

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