Soehnle Shape Sense Connect 200 Bluetooth Personal Digital Flat Bathroom Scales

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To connect to the Connect Soehnle app for the phone easy to use with at full data control. (system requirements for use with the app: Android: 4.4.4/iOS: iOS 9/Bluetooth: 4.0)

Premium Body analysis (BIA) for the exact measurement of the individual body fat, body water and muscle percentage. Extra Large, bright LCD display for the best possible visibility in ‘weight even in difficult lighting conditions (figure Height 4.5 cm)

Athlete mode enables use of active Sportlen the high-precision determine the daily calorie (kcal)

Direct position the measured body values with the standard values, for easy an idea of results; the your body mass index (BMI) calculator for better Judge its own weight

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Soehnle Shape Sense Connect 200 Bluetooth Personal Digital Flat Bathroom Scales 

Style Name:200 Product Description The body analyser scales for committed exercisers: Keep any change your body values in your field of view and rely on precisely measured values. The body analyser scales shape sense connect PLC network 200 measures to your body values per BIA Premium Measurements and transmits a direct via Bluetooth The Soehnle connect app. With clear images and a simple control enables the Soehnle connect app an easy introduction to overview of the evolution of personal measurements – the perfect way to, than our ceramic rings encourages.


With day, date, week, month or year to view and the link to the popular fitness apps google fit and Apple health the app offers a variety of uses. You can also set in the app The Difference At Your Weight, Wiegung Part and to average BMI. The Bia Premium measurement of scales provides you with accurate measurement values for body fat, body water and muscle mass, thanks to the Intelligent memory Automatic for up to 8 people, without manual to choose the item beforehand. The measurement of body values via 4 electrode pads on the footboard. This means that most accurate results, as the Bio Impedance Analysis based on actual measurements. All values very easy to read on the Large, illuminated LCD display – Includes your own your BMI, as well as individually measured calorie requirements. Highly motivating: All relevant data are directly on the screen by scale and evaluated regarding at the standard values. So you can judge your values.


Especially Active sportsmen come with in different shape sense connect PLC network 200 of: athlete mode which allows the adjustment of the personal activity levels, a precise measurement of body values and the determine the appropriate daily necessities can be loaded on calories. Most of all comfortable’s when you automatic on/off function: when the screen turns on automatically and plant out after the weigh to sleep. In addition, the Connect shape sense 200, unlike conventional scales, has a very high load capacity of 200 kg, the in precise 100 g increments. With its flat design and a large standing surface made of clear safety glass will bring you not only get Stainless contemporary bathroom, but also give you with the non slip base for a secure footing. Batteries included for immediate start to the day. Box Contains 1 x Body Analysis Scales Shape Sense Connect 200 with Bluetooth 3 x AAA Batteries.


Box Contains


1 x Body Analysis Scales Shape Sense Connect 200 with Bluetooth 3 x AAA Batteries

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