Soehnle Page Profi Evolution Kitchen LCD Display Scale

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Well thought-out extra – the innovative hold function freezes the weight display of the Soehnle kitchen scales for 10 seconds long on: ideal when the display is covered during weighing

Exact weighing – This electronic kitchen scale has a max capacity of 15 kg. In addition, the scales can weigh by 1 g: ideal for baking or cooking, Select Imperial or Metric

Large area – the digital kitchen scales impress with their extra-large weighing area 26 x 20 x 1.8 cm. In addition, it is equipped with a practical add-on weighing function (tare)

Easy to use – thanks to the high-quality sensor touch technology, the food scales can be operated effortlessly with a gentle touch of the keypad

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Digital kitchen scale made of glass with extra-high weight capacity of up to 15 kg/33 lb and a precise 1 g/0.05 oz graduation. The sensor keys ensure easy and convenient operation – a soft touch of the keys is sufficient. The new HOLD function even allows the weighing of bulky objects (e. g. packages) that cover up the display – the weight is displayed for 10 seconds after weighing High load capacity (5kg)5 year guarantee SOEHNLE is a true classic.



The brand has stood for excellent quality and reliability, high level of handling convenience, and excellent, ground-breaking design for more than 140 years. And with international success: with more than 200 million scales sold. SOEHNLE has established itself as one of the globally leading brands of household and personal scales. Founder Wilhelm Soehnle produced the first scale in 1868, and the scales were produced exclusively by hand until the 1920s. One of the milestones for the continued development of the brand was the introduction of the so-called “Reformwaage”.



The innovative force of SOEHNLE also helped ride out hard times. In the 1950s, after the Second World War, things looked up again for SOEHNLE. The first personal scale was launched in 1956, which started a whole series of successful developments, headed by the introduction of electronic products and global innovations like the very first diet computer launched in 1987. SOEHNLE scales set the benchmark from a visual aspect: exemplary design ideas have long become a distinguishing mark of the brand. Innovative product performance, paired with sophisticated design, highest level of handling convenience, all combined in top-level quality. Those are the features that characterize our products. The scales are developed with state-of-the-art technological innovations in our own development department. Their competency allows us an optimized product design.


Supplied by Soehnle in Germany. For over 150 years Soehnle has been a leading European supplier of personal and kitchen scales. We’re experts in precision measurement, weighing and analysis. Our competence is now embedded in additional product areas such as Air Treatment, Blood Pressure Monitors as well as Fitness Trackers. Soehnle – Life in balance.


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