Severin Coffee Grinder – KM 3873

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Adjustable grinding level

Stainless-steel conical grinding mechanism for maximum aroma preservation

Number of cups set by electronic timer

Detachable collection container for up to 100 g ground coffee

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SEVERIN has been producing small electronic devices for more than 60 years with the goal of making your daily life as easy as possible. The company’s own benchmarks are based on a combination of German quality standards and ultra-easy handling. Their high-quality products bring pleasure to everyday life and make daily household tasks easier to manage.


Coffee tastes best when the beans have been freshly ground. Discover our large selection of coffee grinders – for electric or manual grinding. Breakfast just wouldn’t be breakfast without a freshly-brewed coffee. This way, your espresso tastes the same as it does in your local coffee shop.


Simply pour the beans into the sophisticated coffee grinder, complete with ceramic burr mill, and your delicious hot beverage will be ready in no time. The superior choice for coffee, espresso or latte macchiato.

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