Severin Automatic Electronic 6 Egg Boiler

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adjustable degree of hardness with electronic cooking control

hinged transparent lid for easy handling

acoustic signal when pre-selected degree of hardness is reached

non-stick coated hotplate

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SEVERIN has been producing small electronic devices for more than 60 years with the goal of making your daily life as easy as possible. The company’s own benchmarks are based on a combination of German quality standards and ultra-easy handling. Their high-quality products bring pleasure to everyday life and make daily household tasks easier to manage.


A small amount of water, eggs and electricity. Simple. When making a slice of toast is so simple, why is boiling the perfect egg such a hassle? With the SEVERIN Egg Boiler, just pop your eggs (up to six) in the boiler, fill in water and set your desired hardness with the time control and off you go. Less wait, no timers, and it uses a lot less energy than bringing a pan to the boil. This SEVERIN product is guaranteed with a 2 year warranty.

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