Qualicare Finger Bob Bandage Dressing

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Pre-rolled finger bandage. Ideal for protection for fingers from damage and infection.

Available in White or Blue for catering environments.

Universal size, suitable for all finger sizes.


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Qualicare Finger Bob Dressing


Qualicare are setting the new standard for both affordability and quality. Their vast range of products caters for any first aid medical need whether it’s in the workplace, on the pitch, at home or in the car.


They have everything you need from basic travel kits all the way up to premium large quantity sports kits. Qualicare products are well manufactured, designed with customer focus and attention to detail in mind so if you’re in the need of reliable medical product at an affordable price then Qualicare is the first place you should look!


Qualicare finger bobs are one of the most simple yet effective medical dressings available. They can be quickly applied to become a safe and secure bandage, perfect for all types of finger injury. How to use:


1.Roll one side of the finger bandage down the length of the injured finger.

2.Twist the remaining rolled up bandage at the tip of the finger to seal the end.

3.Roll the remaining rolled up bandage down the length of the finger to complete the procedure.


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White, Blue


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