O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Hand Cream 96g

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Guaranteed relief for extremely dry, cracked hands


Non-greasy and free from scents and perfumes


Moisturises and protects skin


O’Keeffe’s highly-concentrated proprietary formulations were developed to relieve severely dry skin, decrease dryness and provide long-lasting moisturisation

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From builders and Contractors to gardeners and nurses, many people suffer from the discomfort that dry skin can bring. Our promise is to make the best skincare products for workers who rely day-to-day on their hands. Non-greasy and free from scents and perfumes, O’Keeffe’s working hands not only moisturises dry skin, but also protects your skin, giving it chance to heal. Maintaining healthy hands not only feels great and keeps them active, but it also helps prevent other, more serious problems from developing.
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