No Fog High Performance Lens Cleaning Wipes

£3.99 inc Tax

30 wipes per pack

Anti-static formula

Up to 24 hours fog-free protection

Ideal for all lens types, including multi-coated lenses

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No Fog Wipe High Performance Lens Cleaning Pre-Moistened Anti Fog Wipes Tissue

No Fog High performance Glasses Lens Cleaning Wipes – box of 30 PRE-MOISTENDED ANTI-FOG WET TISSUES Super anti-fog wet tissue, ideal for all kinds of lenses. Last Up to 24 hrs performance Anti-static formula with fresh lemon scent.
Ideal for all types of lenses, including multi-coated glasses lenses, sunglasses / shades, cameras, motorcycle helmet visors, and any clear shields. Always clean the lenses first to ensure best performance.
Wipe lenses and leave the formula to dry. Contains mild traces of alcohol which acts as an evaporator, giving rapid drying time to allow you to wear your lenses / glasses right away.

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Packet Size: 1 Box – (30 Wipes), Packet Size: 2 Boxes – (60 Wipes), Packet Size: 3 Boxes – (90 Wipes), Packet Size: 4 Boxes – (120 Wipes), Packet Size: 5 Boxes – (150 Wipes)

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