Microsafe 70% IPA Spray Bottle – 500ml

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70% isoproyl alcohol and purified water in a handy spray bottle

Perfect for maintaining high levels of infection control on hard surfaces, passes BS EN 13697

Active Ingredients: 70 parts Isopropanol Alcohol C+ Grade and 30 parts Purified Water

Passes BS EN 1276:2009 with a proven bacteria kill rate of 99.999% within 5 minutes and BS EN 1650:2008 for fungal effectiveness

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Microsafe Isopropyl Alcohol IPA 70% Disinfectant Spray Bottle 500ml Lab Grade

Suitable for use in professional settings including healthcare areas such as casualty departments, operating theatres, GP, dental surgeries, laboratories, clean rooms and care homes. Furthermore, it is also suitable for use in non-health areas including food manufacturing, hospitality and catering, schools and educational community where infection prevention and control is a prime requirement.


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