KOOLPAK Kids Woopsadaisy Hot & Cold Gel Pack

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Quickly relieves pain and swelling


Great for treating everyday bumps and bruises


Ideal to help soothe pain caused by headaches or burns


Pack can be used hot or cold


Totally Reusable



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The Woopsadaisy Hot & Cold Gel Pack has been designed for smaller limbs and is a fun friendly character designed to put a smile back on a child’s face. Can be used for either hot or cold treatments.


Use hot to help relieve pain from muscle sprains, strains, backache or headaches or cold to help treat general bumps and bruises, headaches, stings and minor burns.


This multi use pack is also ideal for keeping small hands warm on a cold day. Either heat pack in hot water or keep in fridge for cold treatments. The pack can remain hot or cold for up to 20 minutes at room temperature.


Totally reusable. Pack size 11 x 12cm

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