Carell Bed Bath Wipes – Pack of 8 Wipes

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Full body wash – Soft wipes designed for use on each area of the body: face, neck, chest, arms, perineum, legs, back and buttocks.

Simple rinse-free bathing solution – Designed for cleaning and moisturising the body in one easy step.

Promotes healthy soft skin – Carell bed bath wipes contain Aloe Vera and vitamin E for deep moisturising

Dermatologically tested – Skin neutral pH, lanolin and paraben free.

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Easy-to-use bathing solutions to clean, moisturise and refresh. Complete rinse-free body bathing solution. Replace cumbersome and costly traditional bed bath methods. Carell’s bed bath products deliver a full body wash in a single product. No need to spend time gathering supplies. They contain Aloe Vera and active moisturisers to promote healthy skin. They’re dermatologically tested, alcohol, lanolin and paraben free with a patented skin-pH neutral formula.


  • Pack size – 8 Wipes per pack
  • Packet size – 15cm x 10cm x 2cm
  • Quick and easy to use – Wipes replace the need for cumbersome patient cleaning methods which include preparing bowls, wash cloths, soap, lotions and water. They require no towel drying which decreases waste, increases staff compliance and saves money.

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