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Can-C Eye Drops 2 x 5ml Lubricant Eye Drop with Antioxident N- Acetylcarnosine

Slow down the deterioration of aging eyes with the original and exclusive N-acetylcarnosine (NAC) eye drops. Can-C™ eye drops offer wide-ranging antiaging benefits for your eyes.


Why use Can-C™ NAC eye drops?


  • Can-C is the only patented eye drops for assisting with senile cataract impairment
  • Can-C is cost-effective, non-invasive and pleasant and easy to use
  • Can-C helps to preserve the natural opacity of eye lens, this helps to reduce the effects of glare
  • Can-C reduces tiredness helping with eye-strain, particularly if it is due to computerscreens and office lighting
  • Can-C reduces lactic acid build up in the eye and improves contact lens comfort, allowing them to be kept in for longer
  • Can-C lubricant aids dry eyes

As the only eye drops available that contain the original unadulterated NAC formula, Can-C NAC eye drops are a powerful vision-enhancing tool.


After using Can-C™ NAC eye drops, patients without cataracts (but varying degrees of eye impairment) have reported that the treatment ‘brightened’ and ‘relaxed’ their eyes.


How do Can-C™ NAC eye drops work?


The main ingredient of Can-C™ NAC eye drops is N-acetylcarnosine (NAC), a special analogue of di-peptide carnosine, a naturally occurring anti-oxidant nutrient. NAC is extremely effective at ‘mopping up’ free radicals, which accelerate aging in the body, including the growth of cataracts. NAC is a highly resilient form of carnosine, which allows it to be more effective for longer in the eye, providing lens proteins with complete anti-oxidant protection against free radicals. In addition, NAC reverses the process of glycation, which also plays a role in the formation of cataracts.


How effective are Can-C™ NAC eye drops?


Clinical trials carried out on people suffering from senile cataract showed 88.9% of patients had improved glare sensitivity. 90% reported clearer and sharper vision after using a twice-daily dose of Can-C™ NAC eye drops for six months. Most significantly, 41% experienced a significant improvement in lens ‘transmissivity’.


Commenting on the research, it has been said:

“”For most patients treated, drug tolerance was good and no side effects were specifically associated with the application of 1% NAC. What is more, no recurrence of cataract development occurred during the period of NAC application.””

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