BRITA P 3000 Tap Water Filter Refill Replacement Kitchen Tap Waterbars Cartridge

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The P 3000 water filter cartridge fits all current BRITA three way tap models

The cartridge reduces lime scale, chlorine and impurities for suitable tasting water

Each filter cartridge lasts for up to 3,400 litres

It can be fitted horizontally or vertically, and can be exchanged tool free in minutes

Each cartridge is recyclable

The lifespan of the P 3000 cartridge is dependent on your personal usage and the hardness of your water.

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The P 3000 fits most BRITA Taps, fits under the sink and takes minutes to change.

  • BRITA filtration reduces the amount of limescale in your water, as well as chlorine and metals like lead and copper. You can really taste the difference.
  • Lasts approximately four months depending on your water hardness and use.
  • Filters up to 3,400 L and exchange is very quick without the need for tools.
  • 100 per cent recyclable

Convenience and Taste
The most convenient way to enjoy BRITA-filtered water on demand. Features a dedicated tap for BRITA-filtered water. Ideal for cooking vegetables, pasta or soups, and enjoying the best flavour/aroma from your hot and cold drinks.

Long Cartridge Life
Lasts up to 3400 L. The exact lifespan of a P 3000 depends on your usage and the hardness of your water.

Easy Cartridge Exchange
The P 3000 fits neatly under the sink (horizontally or vertically) and takes minutes to change. No need to turn off your mains water. Just unlock it using the two blue levers on the side of the cartridge head, pull the old cartridge out and replace it with a new one. Lock the cartridge in place and you are good to go.

Enjoy BRITA-filtered water for just a few pence per litre. Good for your pocket and better for the environment. BRITA products use BPA-free plastic and P 3000 cartridges are 100 per cent recyclable

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