Bodyguards GL888 Powder Free Disposable Latex Gloves (Pack of 100)

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Ideal for general use and provide protection against contamination, irritants and dirt

Durable yet soft construction ensures maximum dexterity and user comfort when in use

A textured finish offers increased levels of grip when in use

Powder free design prevents the risk of product contamination

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The Bodyguards GL888 Latex Powder Free glove provides a range of features and benefits to the wearer, making it not only flexible and comfortable, but strong. With a beaded cuff adding strength the GL888 Latex Powder Free glove has an AQL rating of 4.0, is a reliable choice, providing good durability, resilience and comfort.

Are one the most popular latex, powder free disposable gloves in the Polyco range. The Polyco Bodyguards 4 Latex Powder Free GL888 Disposable Gloves are made from the highest quality natural latex and provide maximum grip and dexterity thanks to a snug fit and textured finish for improved grip in wet and dry conditions. The Polyco Bodyguards 4 Latex Powder Free GL888 Disposable Gloves provide protection from dirt contamination and are designed for minimal risk environments.

AQL Protection from holes rating 4.0

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