Coastal Core Cadets

Coastal Core Cadets

Coastal Core are set to launch a new programme for young people aged between 14 and 18 years. This programme will last 6 months – September through to February of the 2021/2022 term time.


This programme will consist of Expedition First Aid allowing those who are undertaking their Duke of Edinburgh Award to successfully achieve their skills element but also learn valuable life lessons to help them during their expeditions. There will also be an option for Cadets to complete an accredited First Aid qualification. This is an ideal opportunity for any young person wanting to explore a career within the healthcare field.


In addition to First Aid, the programme will be supplemented with a choice of other topics that play a vital role in the lives of young people such as Health and Wellbeing, Driver Safety and Careers.


Involvement in the programme may lead to volunteering opportunities within Coastal Core.


Anyone wishing to reserve a place on this new programme, please get in touch with our team in the office on 028 7776 5469 or email


Our most recent group of Coastal Core Cadets
Some of our Coastal Core Cadets in a tent - First Aid training for young people
CPR training for young people at Coastal Core Cadets
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