Welcome to Coastal Core’s First Blog!

No matter how you pronounce Coastal Core whether it be Costal Core, Coastal Care or Costal Care one thing remains constant, Coastal Core Ltd  (based in the North West town of Limavady) has developed and grown into one of Northern Irelands leading Healthcare providers; through the provision of excellence in First Aid/Medical Training, Online training, First Aid Supplies and Private Ambulance Service.

Since its inception by director Robert Wheeldon, through passion and vision transforming his hobby into a thriving business, this business has embedded strong roots into the community of the surrounding borough. This limavady man has provided stability for many families in the area through employment, training opportunities and community support.

You only have to look at the impressive fleet of ambulances working tirelessly in partnership with the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service and Health Trusts , transferring loved ones to hospital appointments to know that patient centred care is at the heart and foundation of our core values. Each team member with their own set of attributing skills and talents provides Coastal Cores Network of Clients, suppliers and service users with a level of professionalism and expertise any other company would desire to attain.


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