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Coastal Core Ltd based in Limavady was founded by pharmacist Robert Wheeldon in 2010 as a First Aid and Lifesaving training provider initially offering first aid and associated courses. Since then Coastal Core training has continued to grow and develop and now has become one of Northern Irelands leading First Aid Training Providers, First Aid Supplier and Private Ambulance Service (PAS) provider.

Coastal Core’s First Aid and Medical training division specialises in Workplace, Ambulance and Clinical training and Community Training. Our team of professional fully qualified trainers pride themselves in delivering world class First Aid and Medical training to schools, businesses, health care practitioners, community groups throughout Northern Ireland.

Being a Private Ambulance Service that works both in partnership with the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service and the Northern Ireland Health Care Trusts means Coastal Core’s staff, vehicles and policies are kept in line with the high standards you should expect and will receive when you choose Coastal Core Private Ambulance Service. Whether its private patient transfers, event medical cover or repatriations patient centered care is at the heart of everything we do.

Our large range of First Aid Supplies (First Person Medical) is both competitively priced and of excellent quality. From basic first aid kits for both home and work, defibs, sports massage wax, rocktape, gloves, aprons we’ve got it all covered. Ordering is just a click away. For further information on any of the services we provide our team of specialist support staff are on hand to assist you every step of the way.

"Whats New"

Thank you to the McKittrick family for reaching out and sharing this amazing feedback with us, after their father’s incident in December.

“Two Coastal Core team members became my heroes that day. Jim Quigg and Garth Willis were only pulling in for their coffee break and we begged them for help. They came over and helped to assess my father and went straight on the phone to NIAS control to explain that we needed an emergency ambulance ASAP. They stayed with me and my father for around the hour it took for a paramedic and emergency ambulance crew to attend the scene. They tried their best to comfort my dad and help him in any way they could.

These two men are an absolute credit to your company. There are no words to describe how grateful I am to Jim for his compassion and professionalism that he showed to my father that day.

He wishes also to thank Jim personally as he held his hand and tried his best to keep him warm throughout. My father remembers his kindness and he is forever grateful for him.”

Coastal Core Mission Statement

At Coastal Core our mission is to provide an unparalleled customer service
in training, supplies and private ambulance provision

Coastal Core Values


To our customers providing the highest standard of care, considering our customers in everything we do

Open and Honest

We believe that our people work best when an open and honest working culture exists

Respect and Trust

Building a foundation with our customers, our team and our communities. Developing strong lasting relationships


Always exceeding our customers' expectations. We are determined to be the best at doing what matters the most for our customers, our team and our patients

Training and development award Finalists


Full Case 24x Premium Steroplast Heavy Duty Fabric Assorted Wound Plasters, 16 Plasters Per Box
  • Full case - 24 boxes (16 Plasters per box)
  • Soft, supple, flexible fabric flexes with the bodies movement
  • High quality, high gloss printed cartons
  • Centralised pad isolates wound keeping it dry and dirt free
  • Individually wrapped, keeps plaster clean until
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2 x 2 First Response Pregnancy Early Result Test Pack

First Response Pregnancy Test 6 Days Early Ultra Sensitive Tests 


Whether you are trying to get pregnant or trying to keep from getting pregnant, when you miss your period or think you may be pregnant you want to know as soon as possible if you are pregnant.

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Steroplast Tufcut 6" Stainless Steel Scissors
  • Stainless Steel
  • Easy to use
  • Ambidextrous, Skin safety tip
  • Premium quality, 6" in length
  • Approved and used by many medical centres and hospitals in the UK
  • 1 Pair
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Disposable Boot & Shoe Covers - 100 Pack (50 Pairs)
Disposable Boot & Shoe Covers - 100 Pack (50 Pairs)  
  • Package included: 100 Packs (50 Pairs) disposable shoe covers in total.
  • Easy-on and Easy-off, comfortable and breathable, One size fits most.
  • Made by machine: better quality Compare to normal hand-made shoe
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Qualicare Emergency Foil Blanket 140cm x 204cm
  • 140cm x 204cm premium silver foil emergency blanket
  • A must have in any travel first aid kit; an essential survival tool
  • For rescue and sports activities where there is a need to maintain body temperature.
  • Lightweight and compact - Only 48 grams
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